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Will the Port of Oakland Strike Out?

The Port of Oakland has recently found itself at the center of a short-term “economic boom,” thanks to US West Coast shippers sending goods to its facility to alleviate congestion of Los Angeles and Long Beach ports. Though this may seem like a positive for Oaklanders, there is a problem that may prevent the port from acquiring new businesses in the future, and the problem is all too American: baseball. 

The Howard Street Terminal, which serves as a passage for dock bulk cargo and containers, is likely going to be overtaken by The Oakland A’s, who seek to establish their new stadium at the site in close proximity to the port. Some argue that “the impact of developing the property for commercial real estate is in direct conflict with the industrial port strategies” and, in the long run, will be detrimental for employment opportunities.

Because of this, the California-based sports team has been met with enmity from dockside labor. The latter argues that building the stadium will: 

  • Bring distracting noise
  • Increase traffic
  • Jeopardize the safety of pedestrians
  • Exacerbate environmental issues

Yet despite coalition efforts, the city intends to move forward with the construction of the stadium, regardless of the negativity it may bring. 

Source: Supply Chain Management Review