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The Shift to E-Commerce Has Created a Demand for New Job Opportunities

According to LinkedIn, many businesses are searching for new workers as they ascertain strategies to continue operation during the challenging era of COVID-19. Because of this, calls for frontline e-commerce workers increased a stunning 73% between the months of April and October of 2020. 

In part, this exigency is a direct result of a shortage of transportation, retirements, and a shrinking group of applicants, including the reluctance of many to associate with the public amid a pandemic, thus creating stagnation in the movement of supplies. 

Because of this, the world of supply chain must adopt new procedures that not only guarantee monetary gain, but also better ensure health practices, such as: PPE, a reevaluation of safety in the workplace, and a reduction of the amount of employees available at one time within the company to reduce the risk of contagion. 

Source: Supply Chain Dive