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Rob Handfield on Suppliers, Data, Tech, and Talent [Requis Podcast]


In this podcast hosted by Requis, SCRC Executive Director Rob Handfield speaks with host Richard Donaldson about technology, data, supplier relationships, what’s changing as a result of COVID-19 and up-and-coming supply chain talent.

Topics addressed include:

  • The main differences between the thinking in supply chain in the 1990s and the 2020s
  • Making the most of technology at Flex
  • The digital twin is closer than you think
  • Insights from Dr. Handfield’s “The LIVING Supply Chain” book
  • Observed trends in supply chain leading up to COVID-19
  • COVID-19’s impact on supply chain
  • Recommendations for businesses amid COVID-19
  • Thoughts on sustainability and the circular economy
  • Predictions for supply chain tech innovation
  • Observed changes in academic work and supply chain students at NC State

Click below to read key highlights from the conversation and to listen to the entire podcast.


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