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Potential Bills Seeks to Steer Women into the Future of Trucking

A 2019 bill called the Promoting Women in Trucking Workforce Act was reintroduced by Senators Jerry Moran and co-sponsors Tammy Baldwin, Deb Fisher and Jon Tester. As reported by Ben Ames of DC Velocity, the bill, if passed, would allow for an advisory board to “increase the ranks of women in trucking” and offer “education, training, mentorship, or outreach to women”’ in this field. Furthermore, it ensures an accepting work environment that has been predominantly male-dominated and permits more female truckers to access careers within the supply chain, thus permitting diverse perspectives.

Edwin J. Gilroy, American Trucking Associations’s senior president for legislative affairs, openly supports the bill and has gone on record by stating, “Empowering women to thrive in an industry that provides significant compensation and benefits packages achieves the twin aims of improving gender parity and tackling the growing truck driver shortage.” 

Source: DC Velocity