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Peter Kim MBA’20: My Summer Internship

Peter Kim is a finance and supply chain MBA candidate at NC State University, where he is the MBA Student Association President, an SCRC Graduate Research Assistant (GRA), and a Jenkins MBA Ambassador. During his time as an MBA student, he has completed a Co-Op as a global supply chain strategist at Lenovo, worked as an MBA consultant for a Total Cost to Serve (TCS) practicum project with Biogen, and worked as a project manager intern at NetApp. Before coming to NC State, Peter served four years in the US Army where he worked as a strategic planning and scheduling project manager and a training and workforce development operations manager. In this blog post, originally published on his LinkedIn page in early August 2019, Peter reflects on his latest work experience as a summer intern at NetApp.

by Peter Kim

As I looked at my calendar this morning, I questioned to myself: Where has the time gone? Boy, has time flown quickly this summer.

Ever since I began my internship journey this past May at NetApp, I have lost track of time. I was immediately spun up on a crucial IT Project from day one and every single day since then, there was always something going on. In addition the the project I was assigned, NetApp’s University Relations team hosted multiple (amazing!) intern events throughout the summer, which made my time go by that much faster.

I wanted to take a second and highlight the incredible experience I have had during my 12-weeks at NetApp:

  • Drove Impactful Project. I was able to take on an important IT Project with an incredible team. Without getting too specific, this project allowed the business unit to become consistent and improve quality. I enjoyed every aspect working with my team: they brought variety of experience and I was able to pick their brains on everything.
  • Built professional relationships. I was given multiple opportunities to attend events as well as connect with other professionals as a result of my project. This allowed me to build a personal relationship and expand my network. One thing my MBA program has taught me to do is: Network, Network, Network. I was able to network every single day – rather it be at the gym, cafeteria, or the break room. People were so open and friendly at this company and they would take precious time out of their day to speak with you.
  • Exposure to Corporate Setting. I was able to attend many company events as well as shadow Project Managers to gain exposure to how they conducted business. NetApp has set such a high standard with positive work culture, it will be difficult for me to work elsewhere.
  • Had FUN. Not only did I enjoy working on my project, I enjoyed the multiple events University Relations team hosted. They have done a terrific job hosting intern events: spanning from InternFit Scavenger Hunt, Tri-Sports Field Day, to Go Games. It made my summer experience that much better.

As I wrap up my summer internship, I am excited to face my next challenge: Back to school! I’m looking forward to these last several months of the Jenkins MBA Program and look forward to coming back to the Corporate setting upon graduation.

Lastly, I want to end with a big “Good Luck” to my fellow cohorts and “Welcome” to our incoming class of MBA’s! I look forward to being back on campus and getting involved with our program.