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New Technology to Help with Social Distance Tracking Among Employees

While many businesses learn to adapt to the era of COVID-19, the needs for social distancing and sanitary requirements are still a high demand. Companies are also concerned with technologies that will ensure the safety of their employees. One solution to this is the utilization of real-time locating systems (RTLS): a technology that makes sure employees are keeping six feet apart, and that workers are distancing themselves from objects that pose a threat to their well-being.

The usage of RTLS can track where employees go, who they are exposed to, and for how long. This technological trend is growing among the industrial supply chain, and “the growth rate of RTLS is [predicted to increase] 20-30% over the next few years.”

Indeed, when the pandemic is over, the tracking of COVID-19 will no longer be an exigency, but RTLS provides new and creative endeavors for many businesses to explore.

Source: Supply & Demand Chain Executive