More Holiday Sales Means More Returns, Need for Effective Hazardous Waste Management

Retailers are expected to face above-average sales again next Christmas, and the number of returns is predicted to be just as large.

As returns increase, companies will need to remain vigilant in adhering to changing environmental regulations, considering many returns come with a need for safe disposal of hazardous product materials.

To guarantee both success and safety, businesses should do the following when prepping for future holiday seasons and managing influxes of returns that involve hazardous waste (“haz”):

  • make sure employee instructions and processes are concise and without room for alternate understandings
  • Leverage wireless devices to ensure employees have access to proper guidance whenever and wherever necessary
  • bring awareness to environmental issues through better haz management strategies

These points are essential to maintaining cost-effectiveness as, because the business world is adapting to ongoing global concerns and technological advancements.

Source: Supply & Demand Chain Executive