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Jungheinrich Seeks to Improve Focus on Sustainability

Climate change is one of the world’s greatest obstacles. Given this environmental exigency, Jungheinrich, a German company that oversees material handling-equipment and material flow engineering sectors, has decided to utilize green energy exclusively, including with all its foreign operations. Solar energy is included in the company’s sustainability-focused plan, and Jungheinrich will be supplying its locations with photovoltaic systems

Jungeinrich has already decreased its annual greenhouse gas emissions by 15,500 tons of CO2. The German corporation has even improved the trucks it produces by reviewing the environmental footprint associated with all the stages of the product’s life-cycle. 

To support the company’s staunch commitment to the Earth’s biosphere, Jungheinrich recently became a part of the “50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders” campaign.

Source: Supply Chain Management Review