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How to Improve Warehouse Safety Standards

Before the pandemic, safety standards for most operations were limited to reducing workplace injuries as much as possible, and simply remaining away from the jobsite if you were sick. However, many companies were caught off-guard during the pandemic, creating health concerns for their employees that they were unprepared to handle.

New safety standards should focus on three stages of pandemic preparedness:

  1. Entering the workplace: Before entering the workplace, employees should have health checks to reduce exposure as much as possible.
  2. Workforce preparation: All employees should be properly educated on all implemented safety measures and policies.
  3. Safety in the warehouse: A risk assessment of company facilities is crucial in preparing a workforce to do their jobs safely. Work equipment in the warehouse should be assigned to as few people as possible, to reduce exposure risk. Employees should wear PPE at all times, with specific stations to equip, remove, and discard PPE.

Implementing these health crisis mitigation standards should allow companies to be better prepared for health crises in the future. For more tips on how to effectively address these three stages, visit Food Logistics here.