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Flexibility of Online MBA Program Helps Veteran Select NC State

Flexibility. It was a key factor as to why Daniel Marino, a veteran and full-time regional sales manager for Nextech Systems, selected NC State Online and Distance Education.

Marino lives and works in Florida. He wanted to advance his career and strengthen his business leadership skills. So he began looking for a program that would meet his needs. He discovered NC State Jenkins Professional Online MBA program.

“The flexibility to continue to progress in my career and at my company while pursuing higher education is why I chose NC State Online and Distance Education,” Marino said. “Working for a technology company, I thought NC State was a great place to pursue my MBA,” he added.

So how does he balance everything? He says he takes advantage of all the extra time that adds up, whether that’s waiting in an airport or on a flight.

“If you chip away at the school work daily, you ensure the work does not pile up,” Marino said.

He also points out that beginning an MBA program is a big step to take for one’s career.

“It is important to understand the time commitment required to be successful in the program,” he said. “It is also important to balance your personal and family life,” Marino explained. But having the support of family and friends helps when things get stressful.

And the sometimes added stress is worth it for Marino. He believes earning an MBA will help open up more doors and career opportunities for him, including leadership positions.

“Being exposed to so many different subjects in this program is giving me a wide range of knowledge that I did not have before. The program is giving me a glimpse into what decision-making is like at the c-suite level to prepare me to one day be there,” Marino said.

As a student veteran, Marino found NC State’s Military and veteran resources to be extremely helpful with the entire application and enrollment process.

“I heard about other friends that are veterans enrolling in programs at other schools and their experience was much more difficult and arduous than mine,” Marino explained.

Marino is expected to complete his MBA Fall 2018. Students interested in the Jenkins Professional Online Program can visit the program’s website for more information.

This post was originally published in Online and Distance Education News.