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Don’t Get Stung by Money Loss: 5 Ways to Improve Pest Control Spend

Pest control is an expense that is usually seen as a minor issue. However, the average savings in this category can be up to 20-30% if approached strategically. To determine if your company’s pest control programs needs an inspection, consider the following: 

  • Review the program. During the winter months, prepare for a potential infestation, which usually occurs during the spring and the summer. 
  • Be mindful of unnecessary add-ons, such as foggings and fuminations. These services are sometimes unneeded and can result in frivolous spending. 
  • Consider what equipment is essential to the organization and discuss this with the supplier. 
  • Think about the frequencies in which services are used. For instance, reducing expenses during colder seasons and moving monthly spending in the summer to quarterly can help with finances. 
  • Ask the supplier if they are willing to create a custom program to fit the organization’s needs.  

Indeed, pest control expenses can be difficult to review, seeing as the terms of service may differ depending on the site and location of the organization. Nevertheless, reevaluating a corporation’s pest control review is a good way to avoid a web of financial problems and save on an often overlooked spend category. 

Source: Supply & Demand Chain Executive