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COVID-19 and Supply Chains: What Are We Learning?

SCRC Executive Director Rob Handfield and Tim Cummins, President of World Commerce and Contracting (formerly known as IACCM), recently discussed various lessons they’ve learned from the pandemic, including force majeure, transparency, global supply chains, and the effects of working from home.

The recording, which you can access below, covers the following topics:

  • Is COVID-19 driving increased localization of supply?
  • How are organizations dealing with supply uncertainty?
  • Is Force Majeure relevant?
  • Transparency and resilience: how can they be achieved?
  • Commodity-thinking and JIT – are they sustainable?
  • Competition law and regulation: will industries change contracting behaviors?
  • The nature of work – forever changed?
  • Negotiation in an age of automation

Watch the the full recording here.

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