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Feb 21, 2014  |  Director's Blog

What is the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)? Guest Post by Arun Gupta, PhD

Arun Gupta recently went to a conference of the TPP in Washington, and was invited to share some insights on his visit and what he learned in a guest blog. In its current form the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a […]

Jan 9, 2014  |  Articles

Challenges Facing Local Foods in North Carolina

In the second half of my class on Tuesday, Rebecca Dunning, one of the lead researchers on the NC Growing Together grant, explained some of the channels and opportunities the team has already explored to date. As we noted in […]

Nov 6, 2013  |  Articles

UPS Executive Shares Insights on Total Cost of Ownership in the Electronics Supply Chain

Ken Torok came to my class on Monday evening, and provided a delightful discussion on total cost of ownership.  The class was focused on building and developing cost models, both for should-cost modeling, as well as total cost modeling.  After […]

Jul 18, 2013  |  Articles

Join BVL International at the North American chapter kickoff on August 12, 2013

Logistics complexity – in the form of fragmented channels, increased product variations, and consumer demand for customized solutions – has been increasing, according to a global study published recently by BVL International, a worldwide supply chain and logistics membership organization. “Several […]

Jul 10, 2013  |  Articles

Using RFID Two Bin Kanban at the University of Chicago Medical Center: Healthcare Analytics Innovation!

When Jon Stegner walked in to his first week at the University of Chicago Medical Center, one of the first places he visited was the Emergency Room, and the nearby supply room. What he saw there, was in his words, […]

May 23, 2013  |  Articles

Why margin management is the 'talk of the town' in fast moving consumer product supply chains…

Recent discussions with consumer goods companies reveals that margin management is becoming an imperative that goes far beyond just taking out cost of goods sold, or using full truck loads on shipment. CPG companies are seeking to continuously drive profit […]

May 6, 2013  |  Director's Blog

600 Dead in Bangladesh: Is there a soul to the enterprise?

News of the increasing death toll in Bangladesh continues to pour in, with the latest at 600 found dead in the rubble of the Rama factory complex.  Demonstrators are protesting apparel offices (such as Gap’s offices in San Francisco) to […]

Mar 7, 2013  |  Director's Blog

Using Scooters for Logistics in China

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal shows pictures of logistics couriers in China riding scooters, with stacks of deliveries teetering six feet up in the air, parked outside of office buildings in downtown Shanghai.  The reporter goes on […]

Mar 1, 2013  |  Director's Blog

Walmart can't manage their inventory?

Students of supply chain and logistics know that when the topic of supply chain excellence and inventory management prowess comes up, the companies that comes to mind first are Walmart and Toyota. Toyota has already admitted to slowing sales and […]

Feb 17, 2013  |  Articles

Growing the logistics network means building partnerships with the right people

Growth of the global logistics network is fraught with increasing difficulty.  Large BRIC country governments have recognized their power in the channel, and have raised the stakes for import and export requirements and regulation.  There is also considerable debate among […]