Organizing for Supply Chain

Apr 27, 2016  |  Director's Blog

SCRC Meeting Insights Part II: Management Principles for Executing Visibility Strategies

As organizations move towards visible, high velocity, transparent supply chains, a number of questions arise that are fundamental to the business, but which executive often struggle to answer with any clarity. How do we extend the concept visibility and control […]

Apr 4, 2016  |  Director's Blog

Outsourcing : Tesla is Bucking the Trend

Debates over outsourcing are appearing with more frequency in the press. Companies have outsourced so many of their processes, through “Business Process Outsourcing”, that many now just sit as marketing companies. Examples include Apple, Google, Amazon, IBM, and many others, […]

Jan 26, 2016  |  Articles

"Collaboration" is becoming a bad word…in some circles

The concept of “Collaboration” has been getting a lot of grief lately. For instance, recent articles in the Harvard Business Review and the Economist emphasize that collaboration has reached the point of “godliness” in modern business, and that managers are […]

Dec 4, 2015  |  Director's Blog

Interview on Buyer's Meeting Point BlogTalk Radio: Creating Procurement Value is a Lot of Work!

Gerard Chick and I were recently interviewed by Kelly Barner on the Buyer’s Meeting Point Blog Talk Radio yesterday, and this was posted on their site for any interested parties to view.  We spent a lot of time talking about […]

Nov 30, 2015  |  Director's Blog

Only 1 Week Until the Supply Chain Analytics Conference at NC State!

With only one week left prior to our upcoming SCRC meeting, students are busily preparing their final posters, putting the finishing touches on their presentations, and getting ready to meet with their project sponsors to deliver their insights and findings. […]

Oct 29, 2015  |  Director's Blog

Procurement as a Non-Profit Center for Supply Chain Risk Consolidation

I spent some time this week with a group of procurement executives from Restaurant Supply Chain Solutions, a company that conducts all of the procurement and supply chain activity for YUM! brands (including Pizza Hut, KFC, Taco Bell, as well […]

May 10, 2015  |  Director's Blog

Spectra Energy Supplier Forum: Driving Collaborative Project Management

I had the pleasure and honor of attending the 2nd annual Supplier Forum, hosted by Union Gas & Spectra Energy in Hamilton, Ontario at the end of April.  The meeting was intended to bring together senior executive’s from Union Gas’s […]

Apr 10, 2015  |  Director's Blog

Vendor Profiling Survey Now Open

A group of my MBA students are working on a project benchmarking vendor profiling approaches.  If you’re interested in this topic, be sure to take the survey. The goal of the study is to Understand different information companies ask from […]

Apr 1, 2015  |  Director's Blog

Supply Chain Metrics: Make Sure They Are Aligned with Your Strategy!

Many people are talking about Key Performance Indicators, Metrics, Analytics, and other indicators of performance.  The importance of selecting the right metrics or “measures” as I prefer to call them, is critical as we all know that metrics drive behaviors. […]

Mar 3, 2015  |  Director's Blog

The Internet of Things: Does more data really make us more intelligent?

Recent articles, posts, and future trends studies are all awash with excitement about the Internet of Things.  For instance, Mike Morley writes on the Material Handling and Logistics site that the Internet of Things will change everything: “Billions of connected devices […]