Coronavirus Impact on Supply Chains

Oct 13, 2021

Alert Your Parents: They’re Already Late on Their Holiday Shopping

BY DEBORAH B. SOLOMON · ILLUSTRATION BY ANA CUNA IF YOU HAVE ORDERED ANYTHING ONLINE LATELY — whether it’s a new bike, a pair of sneakers or a laptop — you may have noticed: Everything is taking a really long […]

Oct 6, 2021  |  Articles

Rob Handfield Breaks Down the Many Factors of Global Supply Chain Shortages

Rob Handfield, professor of operations and supply chain management, explains how container shortages, protein production issues and natural disasters have impacted and will continue to disrupt global supply chains as well as economic recovery. “People are going to see inflation […]

Sep 30, 2021  |  Articles

Rob Handfield Explains the Growing Demand for Computer Chips

Rob Handfield, professor of operations and supply chain management, explains the surge in demand for computer chips and the impact it will have on supply chains. “The demand is continuing to surge for chips,” said Handfield. “It’s going up and […]

Sep 29, 2021  |  Director's Blog

Counterfeiting is on the rise, and projected to exceed $3 trillion in 2022

In a recent article published by The Wire China, I was interviewed on the challenges of e-commerce giant Amazon to contain counterfeit products on its website.  Counterfeit products are commonly thought to be a problem in niche industries, including luxury […]

Sep 8, 2021  |  Director's Blog

Kairos Research, NC State, ASU Win IARPA Contract to Analyze Hidden Risks in Complex Supply Chains

If you look far enough back in history, you will find the literal definition of a linchpin to be an item which kept the wheels from falling off wooden carts.  During the recent COVID-19 crisis, we have all experienced firsthand the consequences of […]

Aug 31, 2021  |  Articles

Q: Why so many product shortages? A: The Perfect Storm

I have had a number of calls this past week with various media outlets, including the Associated Press, WRAL, Forbes, and even the New York Times! All of these reporters are asking the same question, which was best captured by […]

Aug 27, 2021

Rob Handfield Explains Why Car Shortage May Continue for Years

Rob Handfield, professor of operations and supply chain management, breaks down why dealerships across the country are seeing their normal 200-car supply be reduced to merely 20.

Aug 12, 2021  |  Director's Blog

What Are Organizations Focused on Improving in Supply Chains in 2021?

The world we knew in 2019 has forever changed. Although global supply chains have grown more efficient through improvements in software technologies, cloud computing, mobilization, etc., many of the supply chains I’ve studied encountered are poorly equipped to operate a […]

Jul 27, 2021  |  Director's Blog

Procurement Leadership is Needed for the New Era of Disruption Ahead

I recently spoke at the National Contract Management Association on the subject of human capital in supply chains, and the need for building leadership skills in our procurement and supply chain professionals.  This subject has become of critical importance in […]

Jul 15, 2021

Rob Handfield Explains the Complexities of Re-Shoring Manufacturing to the U.S.

Rob Handfield, professor of operations and supply chain management, provides a realistic view of the Biden Administration’s plan to redesign global supply chains to bring manufacturing back to the U.S. “Biden’s call for re-shoring manufacturing back to the US will […]