Production Labor Sourcing

Feb 13, 2021  |  Articles

Improving the Lives of Apparel Workers by Creating an Ethical Apparel Index

The Supply Chain Resource Cooperative is proud to announce the award of a major research grant ($1.2 million)  from the Templeton World Charity Fund, that will be used to develop an Ethical Apparel Index and launch a new initiative under […]

Feb 20, 2020  |  Articles

Addressing Labor Shortages in Warehouse and DC Operations

This article was originally published on March 4th, 2019. UPDATE: The SCRC has partnered with FHI to produce a white paper based on the insights from the 2019 workshop on addressing labor shortages in warehouse and DC operations. To view […]

Jun 1, 2006  |  Articles

References: Current Trends in Production Labor Sourcing

References Beebe, L. and Meyers, B. (1998) “Outsourcing: Planning for Strategic Partnerships,” White Paper, The Sheridan Press, .pdf Casale, F. (2003) “The New Outsourcing: From Outsourcing to Outcompeting,” Business Week, Special Advertising Section, .pdf Griffiths, D. (N.D) “The Theory and […]

Jun 1, 2006  |  Articles

Conclusions: Current Trends in Production Labor Sourcing

Conclusions One element from our research is clear. In the modern era of global competition, the companies that will succeed and continue to lead will be those that have a strong vision for lean manufacturing within the context of a […]

Jun 1, 2006  |  Articles

Findings: Current Trends in Production Labor Sourcing

Findings Based on our empirical analysis of the data, the following key points emerged from our research. A more detailed presentation of the findings will be posted throughout the Summer 2006 in a series of Lessons Learned articles that will […]

Jun 1, 2006  |  Articles

Methodology: Current Trends in Production Labor Sourcing

Methodology In order to seek additional insights into the trend of outsourced production labor, a series of interviews was carried out on the status of US manufacturing labor for skilled and semi-skilled production workers. Note that specific manufacturing processes that […]

Jun 1, 2006  |  Articles

Background: Current Trends in Production Labor Sourcing

Background Imagine you walk into your facility, and see a group of semi-skilled workers who are reliable, show up on-time, and are trained to find ways to reduce waste through application of lean techniques. Your plant is not only running […]

Jun 1, 2006  |  Articles

Introduction: Current Trends in Production Labor Sourcing

Introduction Outsourcing has become a common business practice to decrease manufacturing costs. Almost every element within a manufacturing company has been analyzed for suitability and impact. Leading edge manufacturers have outsourced vital key services and core departments in an effort […]