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Apr 20, 2011  |  Articles

A Quick Primer on BPM: Business Process Management

The concept of business process management (BPM for short) has been around for a number of years now, but just what does it entail? What are the major activities and decisions surrounding BPM? And where can an interested reader go […]

Jul 5, 2006  |  Articles

The Transportation Crunch

Related site link: A Brief History of the Highway Transportation System in the U.S. The transportation infrastructure is exploding. This was the subject of debate at the Consumer Healthcare Products Association meeting in Washington, DC on June 27, 2006. Consumer […]

Nov 16, 2005  |  Articles

Strategic Purchasing: Lessons for Purchasing Managers – Part 5

PART 1: Introducing New Research on Relational Rents PART 2: Strategic Purchasing and Supply Management Practices PART 3: The Nature of Strategic Purchasing PART 4: Supplier Relationship Performance Outcomes PART 5: Lessons for Purchasing Managers Strategic purchasing, operating through supply […]

Oct 5, 2005  |  Articles

Digital Business Transformation [DBT): The Journey Must Begin Now -Part 3

PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 The final dimension of DBT is sustaining the competitive advantage once it has been achieved. The information age allows no time for resting on one’s laurels. The most successful companies understand this and continually […]

Sep 14, 2005  |  Articles

In the Wake of Hurricane Katrina:  The Recovery Lag – Part 2

In the previous article, we discussed the need to quickly respond to a disruption, and the need to move quickly. The response by the National Guard and the federal and state governments to the incident has been decried by many […]

Sep 8, 2005  |  Articles

In the Wake of Hurricane Katrina: Lessons Learned through the Lens of Supply Chain Disruptions – Part 1

As we read daily about the death toll and destruction in New Orleans and Biloxi, the same questions echo through everyone’s mind: How did we let this happen? Why wasn’t the city prepared? Why did it take four days for […]

Jul 20, 2005  |  Articles

Logistics in China (DELIVER) – China Series Part 5

The majority of the growth that has occurred in China is in the Pearl River Delta. Transformed from a rural backwater into the world’s workshop through Deng Xiaoping’s economic reforms and the proximity of Hong Kong’s capital, technology and business […]

Jul 6, 2005  |  Articles

Manufacturing in China (MAKE) – China Series Part 4

When selecting a supplier / partner in China, it is critical to be aware of the working and economic conditions. None is more important then an understanding of the labor force. Companies sourcing from China should pay particular attention to […]

Jun 23, 2005  |  Articles

Identifying and Negotiating with Chinese Suppliers (SOURCE) – China Series Part 3

An interview with a US expert who worked closely with Chinese business people for many years reveals the unexpected difficulties that may exist when attempting to negotiate and establish a contract with a Chinese global supplier. This is surely not […]

Jun 10, 2005  |  Articles

Planning and Control Systems in China (PLAN) – China Part 2

Planning is one of the most important, yet one of the most high risk areas of growth in China. One of the biggest challenges for Chinese companies is capacity planning. Needless to say – growth in the Chinese sector is […]