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May 29, 2018  |  Articles

The Lowly Wooden Pallet is a Critical Conveyance in the Supply Chain

In a recent interview, discussions with Patrick Atagi, VP for Advocacy & External Affairs at the National Wooden Pallet and Contain Association (NWPCA)  helped to educate me on just how prolific wooden pallets are in the global supply chain.  Patrick […]

Jul 30, 2013  |  Articles

Global Logistics, Q&A with John Camp, Lenovo

Questions and Answers on Global Logistics, with John Camp, Lenovo Big Issues in Global Logistics Rob Handfield (Co-Director of SCRC): Hi, I’m here with John Camp, director of logistic solutions and transformation at Lenovo. John manages a lot of the […]

Nov 6, 2012  |  Articles

Global Logistics Trends & Strategies Survey

We are writing to request your participation in a research project being undertaken by Professor Rob Handfield, Professor of Supply Chain Management and Director of the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative at NC State University ( The study is funded by […]

Jan 24, 2011  |  Articles

References: Developing Collaborative Supplier Partnerships

References p. 1 Burnes, B. & New, S. (1997). Collaboration in customer-supplier relationships: Strategy, operations and function of rhetoric. International Journal of Purchasing and Materials Management. Fall 1997; V33. 2 Monczka,R., Trent, R., and Handfield, R. (1998). Purchasing and Supply […]

Jul 1, 2006  |  Articles

Conclusions: An Assessment of Manufacturing Customer Pain Points: Challenges for Researchers

Conclusions p. What should manufacturers be doing to improve the level of relational (social) capital in their supply networks through trust and collaboration? We decided to start off this special issue with a managerial look at supply chain pain points […]

Aug 18, 2004  |  Articles

Growing Emphasis on Product Lifecycle Management

To improve the communication between suppliers, customers, vendors, and distributors, companies are beginning to invest in product lifecycle management (PLM) software. Product lifecycle management is “an integrated, information-driven approach to all states of a product’s life from its design inception, […]

Jun 2, 2004  |  Articles

Aligning Demand and Supply Management

Supply chain managers are increasingly being relied on to deliver greater returns to shareholders – and are also being held responsible for “supply chain glitches” that negatively impact a company’s stock value! The majority of supply chain glitches occur due […]