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Supply Chain Student Testimonials: NC State MBA

  • The Supply Chain Resource Cooperative (SCRC) is a unique concept that I’ve been associated with for a long time. My role as part of the SCRC advisory board is to contribute to the relevancy of the current research, as well as to get students working on projects that allow them to apply cutting-edge theoretical work to practical problems.What excites me most about the work I see NC State students doing is their ability to apply very esoteric, theoretical concepts to practical issues.  I’ve been very impressed with the teams that have worked on complex problems – from developing higher order analytics tools that capture supplier risk, to applying supply chain fundamentals to design optimal decision support constructs.We’ve hired some great talent that has contributed to the overall success of our efforts on site, and it’s just a great source of innovation for us.

    Joydeep Ganguly, MBA 2006

  • I really like the organization and the people I work with and feel that I will have many opportunities to utilize the knowledge and experience I gained in the MBA program at NC State. I really do believe that the experiential learning opportunities and hands on projects offered through the Jenkins MBA program and the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative have provided me with the skills and business acumen needed to hit the ground running in my new role as a manufacturing technical analyst with Arysta LifeScience. I truly believe that the opportunity to gain real world experience as an MBA candidate at NC State University has led to much of my success both as an MBA student and early on in my professional career. I look forward to keeping in touch with NC State and maintaining a relationship with the Jenkins MBA program.

    Weston Held, MBA 2014

  • My decision to come to the NC State MBA program was based on the strength of the SCRC. As an engineering undergrad, I knew I would benefit from Poole’s in-class teachings on finance and marketing, but I was most excited about how the SCRC advertised their strong ties with the most influential manufacturing and supply chain companies in the Southeast. I was not disappointed. I worked on a wide range of projects, from designing a new distribution center for a manufacturer to reassessing purchasing practices for a utility company to researching commodities for a pharmaceutical company. I believe leaving my previous industry to pursue a Supply Chain Management MBA full time at NC State accelerated my career and I have the SCRC’s faculty and company connections to thank for project experiences that significantly increased my knowledge in logistics, procurement, and strategy.

    Chris Gibson, MBA 2013

  • The primary reason I chose NC State was due to its low cost and high return on investment. I ultimately chose NC State because of the fellowship opportunity with Caterpillar through the SCRC. The SCRC provided the best avenue among competing schools to obtain the practical business skills I desired to launch a successful business career. I refined and practiced important soft skills as an officer in the military for six years. Coupled with these soft skills, I learned and practiced critical supply chain hard skills as a Fellow and MBA student working on impactful projects for companies for the last two years.

    Michael Westrich, MBA 2013

  • My experience in working on a client project with the SCRC was the most beneficial part of the NCSU Supply Chain MBA program. This project allowed me to work on an existing supply chain issue with the client and provide a best-practice recommendation. I was able to merge the tools I learned in the classroom along with my professional experience to provide the client with a meaningful solution. Not only does this help students looking to gain experience in supply chain but it also allows supply chain professionals to take part in a project outside of their current job role. I highly recommend the Supply Chain program as the experiences and skills learned specifically during the SCRC project are invaluable.

    Katie Bramante, MBA 2012

  • When I initiated my search for a business school, I was interested in finding a school that had a solid supply chain program. After researching numerous schools, I came across NC State's MBA program primarily because of SCRC (Supply Chain Resource Cooperative). SCRC has many benefits. One of the most beneficial to me is that SCRC works with real companies right here in the RTP area to bring real projects to students that provide real solutions to the companies. Currently I am working on a project with a real company that is preparing me for not only a summer internship but also a full time position.

    Gorav Sangal, MBA 2012

  • As an Engineering Manager for the world's largest product safety organization (UL), I entered the Supply Chain concentration wanting to learn more about the supply chain issues my clients face every day as they source components from all over the world. What I gained from the two projects I worked on with the SCRC was a much better understanding of the depth and breadth of the issues involved in managing a global supply chain. The opportunity to work on real world supply chain projects involving both sustainability and transportation management have proven to be invaluable.

    Joe Waters, MBA 2011

  • My association with the SCRC has been phenomenal in terms of my learning and my career. I have completed eight capstone level projects (six with Duke Energy & 2 with Chevron) during my two years here at NC State and truly feel like I am able to hit my full-time position full speed after I graduate. These projects have ranged from warehousing best practices to supplier analysis to business process development. While working on these projects I picked up knowledge, skills, and abilities that I did not have before joining the program.

    Gabriel Ives, MBA 2011

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