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SCRC Scholar
Sam Greenstein

1. Name, academic program/concentration and year in the program.

Sam Greenstein, first year MBA student concentrating in Supply Chain and Innovation Management.
2. Prior work experience

Before coming back to school for my MBA, I held a variety of roles in marketing and recruiting.  Most recently I helped manage a distribution center for a luxury apparel company, Peter Millar.  As a supply chain and distribution associate, I oversaw the daily operations to ensure the reception, inventory, and shipment of $100 million of product.

3. Why did you select the NC State Jenkins MBA program?

I chose the Jenkins MBA program because of its emphasis on global commerce and technological advancement.  The opportunity presented by the program and the excellent return on investment convinced me that Jenkins was the best option for my career.

4. What would you say to a prospective MBA student or an MBA student considering involvement with the SCRC?

The SCRC is a great resource for all students and being a scholar has been an incredible opportunity.  The experience I have gained from this program has already proven its value.  Through consulting projects, I have been able to expand my network and contribute to impactful deliverables. 

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