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SCRC Scholar
Nick Alberino

1. Name, academic program/concentration and year in the program

Nick Alberino, MBA 1st Year, Concentration in Supply Chain Management

2. Prior Work Experience

My background consists of communications, logistics, and financial operations. I spent four years in the Marine Corps where I led teams ranging from eight to 45 employees on various communication and logistic projects. For the two years before entering the MBA program, I worked as a financial operations analyst for a global investment bank.   

3. Why did you select the NC State Jenkins MBA program?

I chose the NC State Jenkins MBA program because of their leadership and reputation in the supply chain community. After speaking with graduates of the program and employers all over the U.S., I found that NC State had an outstanding reputation amongst top employers and I knew it was a place that was going to continue to grow as a leading program. 

4. Why did you select the supply chain management concentration; how does it align with career goals?

I chose the supply chain management concentration because I was looking for a concentration that would take my passion for relationship building, analytics, and team work and develop it into a career. Supply chain also provides the opportunity to engage with every department within an organization, thus providing high visibility among stakeholders.

5. What would you say to a prospective MBA student or an MBA student considering involvement with the SCRC?

I would say that the SCRC delivers what no other university can. The focus on “Think and Do” is evident at the SCRC. Leaving full-time work to come to this program was a difficult choice but knowing I was going right to work for a SCRC partner was a great feeling. I am not just gaining classroom education here but real world experience that is going to lead into a great career. Students at other MBA program’s only have the classroom work to put on their resume, but the SCRC provides an opportunity to gain two years of relevant work experience to make that candidate truly stand out.

6. Anything else you would like to add about their involvement with SCRC, the MBA program.

The staff at the SCRC provides invaluable guidance and support. It is obvious that their passion is helping students become future leaders in the supply chain industry. 

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