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SCRC Scholar
Lindsay Schilleman

1. Name, academic program/concentration and year in the program

Lindsay Schilleman, second year MBA candidate with Finance and Supply Chain Concentrations. 

2. Prior work experience

I came straight from undergrad so my experience is not extensive. However, I had 4 different internships throughout my undergrad    degree. I did a lot of Accounting, as that was my degree. I did an internship with Joe Schilz CPA, preparing individual tax returns, I  interned at Pretty Muddy/14 West doing Accounts Payable paperwork, and lastly I spent 3 different summers at Superior Diesel. SD is a customized John Deere engine distributor. The first summer I was able to rotate through all departments including sales, engineering, parts purchasing, production, and accounting. The remaining two summers I worked on accounting projects such as accounts receivable collections, accounts payable paperwork, bank reconciliations, and I led the intern development team. 

3. Why did you select the NC State Jenkins MBA program?

I initially selected the NC State program for two reasons. I learned about the SCRC and the overall MBA program and was really excited to get hands on learning as opposed to only learning in a classroom. Second, to be honest, I wanted to get somewhere warmer than Wisconsin! 

4. Why did you select the supply chain management concentration; how does it align with your career goals?

I have always known that I wanted to work in the sporting industry. I know that the supply chain is important in any industry, but it is an especially large part of the sporting industry. There are so many sourcing, forecasting, and logistical decisions to be made. I found it to be the perfect way to tie in my interest for numbers and sports! 

5. What did you gain from prior experience as an SCRC Scholar?

Last year, I collaborated on an economic impact analysis of the supply chain in North Carolina. This was a comprehensive study which included determining the value add, GDP, number of employees in the supply chain, etc. It was a really great way to learn about the state and its supply chain. Not to mention, we did a lot of presentations on this report. Overall, the entire process helped me to expand my supply chain knowledge, connect with supply chain professionals, and further my presentation skills. 

6. What would you say to a prospective MBA student or an MBA student considering involvement with the SCRC?

I think that my involvement with the SCRC has completely exceeded all expectations I had of the program. When I first considered grad school, I did not know I would be involved with the SCRC. In short, I can say it is one of the best decisions I made. 

7. Where did you intern this summer? Did it align with your supply chain education (if so, how)?

I interned at adidas in Portland, Oregon. I was a finance intern, but it all was extremely relevant to supply chain. I specifically worked with the concept to consumer team, which dealt with getting products to stores, displaying products properly in stores, opening up shop-in-shops within stores, etc. However, I was also fortunate enough to spend a quarter of my time with a team member who worked on marketing material procurement. I did some projects with her that dealt with marketing agencies, and securing store materials.

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