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SCRC Scholar
Claudia Paredes Gutierrez

1.      Name, academic program/concentration and year in the program.

Claudia Paredes-Gutierrez, MBA Candidate 2017 with a concentration in Supply Chain Management.

2.      Prior work experience.

After obtaining my engineering degree, I was hired to work in the Procurement department of a Peruvian pharmaceutical company. As a result of my performance as a buyer, I was promoted to production planner, a role in which I worked to align the production output with the market demand.

Seeking experience in global logistics, I got a planning coordinator role at Unilever Andina Peru. Here, I managed the supply of consumer goods by coordinating with international suppliers, customs agents, and local co-makers.

Then, I was recruited as a material planner by EXSA, a Peruvian explosives company, when it was in the process of pursuing the Oliver Wight certification. At that time, I learned to translate complex supply chain challenges into optimization opportunities, delivering an efficient and sustainable material planning process.

3.      Why did you select the NC State Jenkins MBA program? 

Having graduated from the Master of Supply Chain Engineering and Management (MSCEM) program at NC State, I already have experienced the philosophy of the university: “Think and Do”. During my studies at NC State, I applied the tools, concepts, and principles learned in class to real-world projects, which enable me to propose valuable and executable recommendations. Thus, when I decided to get my MBA, NC State Jenkins MBA program was the perfect option to develop business skills with the same approach.

4.      Why did you select the supply chain management concentration; how does it align with career goals? 

I want to focus my career in process optimization, my long-term goal is to start a consulting firm specialized in Operations and Supply Chain Management. Through my professional career, working in supply chain departments in different Peruvian industries, I have gained a wide view of the supply planning. However, to achieve my goal, I am convinced that I need to learn how a business works as a whole and how to apply the right tools to tackle global supply chain challenges, while enhancing my leadership and teamwork skills in a diverse environment. For these reasons, I decided to complement my experience and studies with the supply chain management concentration under the MBA program.

5.      What would you say to a prospective MBA student or an MBA student considering involvement with the SCRC? 

The SCRC is an excellent way not only to develop your problem-solving skills, but also to gain insights of the operations of global companies by learning about their processes, technologies, and strategies. Moreover, the interaction with faculty and corporate partners at different levels will strengthen your teamwork and interpersonal skills, enriching your vision and perspective, as well as expanding your professional network.

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