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SCRC Scholar
Adam Hardie

1. Name, academic program/concentration and year in the program
Adam Hardie, 1st year MBA, Supply Chain Management Concentration.
2. Prior work experience
For the last 6 years I was a nuclear operator in the U.S. Navy, most recently serving on a fast attack submarine in Pearl Harbor. I was responsible for the operation and maintenance of the mechanical systems of our nuclear power plant. Safe and consistent operation of our plant ensured that we maintained propulsion and electrical power generation for the ship, allowing us to conduct worldwide operations.
3. Why did you select the NC State Jenkins MBA program?
The NC State Jenkins MBA program and its supply chain management concentration both have a great reputation. This program not only provides a solid theoretical foundation, but also the opportunity to gain real practical experience.
4. Why did you select the supply chain management concentration; how does it align with career goals?
I am drawn to supply chain management because of the relevance it has to our lives. Every product and service we use requires the coordination of physical materials and human skill. The process of taking a product from its raw beginnings to its final consumer fascinates me, and finding ways to improve this process is what I want to do as a career.
5. What would you say to a prospective MBA student or an MBA student considering involvement with the SCRC?
Working with the SCRC gives you the opportunity to get the experience needed to accelerate your career in supply chain management. You will learn by doing, working on real world cases to create tangible value. The resources, knowledge, and connections we have with partner companies are second to none. I highly recommend the SCRC to anyone pursuing a career in supply chain management.
7. Anything else you would like to add about their involvement with SCRC, the MBA program.
 I am very happy to have the opportunity to work with the SCRC and create value for organizations.

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