Supply Chain Convergence in a Disruptive Environment

Originally Published by GEP

“Organizations are facing a cascading series of disruptions and need to adapt their supply chain operations in response. However, in a disruptive environment, gaps are exposed, and the problems arising from them are amplified — leading to higher costs, longer cycle times, and reduced resiliency.

A recent study by GEP and North Carolina State University surveyed supply chain and procurement professionals to examine points of disconnect in the supply chain, and findings suggest a highly concerning misalignment between the two functions. What can these leaders do to ensure a productive and optimized supply chain?

A new GEP white paper — Supply Chain Convergence in a Disruptive Environment — breaks down the study and its findings as well as highlights how technology can mend the gap through visibility and collaboration.

What’s Inside:

  • The disconnects and misaligned priorities between supply chain and procurement pros
  • How supply chain and procurement practices can align with enterprise priorities to meet expectations
  • Ways to increase visibility and fix the disconnects through collaboration technology

This paper is a must-read for supply chain and procurement leaders who are looking to fortify their supply chains with greater resilience to disruption.”


Authors Robert Handfield, Alex Zhong, Nikhil Singh


Download a copy of the full report

Learn more about the study, Supply Chain Convergence in a Disruptive Environment, from GEP.

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