Award Winning Student Projects From the Fall 2019 SCRC Gallery Walk

On December 5th, 19 Jenkins MBA student teams and seven Poole College of Management undergraduate student teams gathered at the Duke Energy Hall in Hunt Library on NC State’s Centennial Campus to present their supply chain projects completed for several of the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative’s (SCRC) corporate partners this semester.

Corporate sponsors for projects included Advance Auto Parts, Altria, American Red Cross, Biogen, Caterpillar, Duke Energy, Gilead Sciences, John Deere, Lenovo, MetLife, Thermo Fisher Scientific, UNC Facilities, and VF Corporation.

The following teams were recognized for the research, recommendations, and solutions they provided for their respective corporate sponsors.

Undergraduate Winners

3rd Place

Sam Schneggenburger, Luis Gonzalez, Marc Christopher, Fabian Navarro

Corporate sponsor: Caterpillar
Project name: Tire Inventory and Control
Project advisor: Donavon Favre
Project manager: Chris Gorman
Project overview: The Caterpillar assembly facility for Small Wheel Loaders in Clayton, NC requested assistance with identifying the reasons behind their excess tire inventory and how to keep it minimal moving forward. During the course of the project, the team was able to provide several different analyses of the tire inventory, which led them to their suggested courses of action, which included various forecasting models and the elimination of certain tires.

2nd place

Casey Hogeboom, Mary Ann Hylton, Rich Wachowski

Corporate sponsor: Duke Energy
Project name: Contract Builder Tool
Project advisor: Tracy Freeman
Project manager: Cameron Houston
Project overview: Due to the time-consuming nature of the contract approval process between suppliers and businesses, Duke Energy tasked the team with providing a solution that would make their approval process more efficient. The team created a Contract Reference Guide populated with extracted terms and conditions from Duke Energy contract templates. Interviews with Duke Energy sourcing validated that these terms are frequently red-lined from suppliers. The team then classified these terms into two different types to categorize in a more beneficial manner.

1st Place

John Dunning, Christopher Mansir, Noah Springs

Corporate sponsor: Duke Energy
Project name: Warehouse Optimization
Project advisor: Tracy Freeman
Project manager: Dana Cook
Project overview: Duke Energy has three distribution centers that supply approximately 100 operation centers across their service territory of North and South Carolina. The team was tasked with analyzing whether the consolidation of the company’s distribution network from three centers to one could potentially optimize their warehousing network. The team found that through the proposed consolidation effort, a single distribution center could serve as the epicenter for distribution in the Carolinas.


Graduate (MBA) Winners

3rd Place (tie)

Casey Huss, Jasmin Peterson-Hassan, Eric Templeton, Brett Ward

Corporate sponsor: Caterpillar
Project name: Spare Parts – Benchmarking
Project advisor: Craig Demarest
Project managers: Marilyn Nolte, Adrian Webb
Project overview: Caterpillar’s BCP division sought to improve forecasting for service parts by evaluating industry best practices and policies for managing service parts. Focusing on the skid steer product family, the team evaluated current policies to ensure best-in-industry service part fulfillment with a focus on minimizing inventory costs and improving the service path to the customer.

3rd Place (tie)

Marco Espinoza, Brian Keefer, Kirtikumar Padsala

Corporate sponsor: Biogen
Project name: Reduction of Overtime Hours in Biogen’s Drug Substance Warehouse
Project advisor: Betty Minton
Project manager: Ed Donavon III
Project overview: Biogen registered 1,950 overtime hours in the first eight months of 2019 across their three warehouses located in Morrisville, North Carolina. The student team was tasked with reducing Biogen’s Drug Substance (DS) warehouse’s weekly overtime hours by 50% by identifying and analyzing their current work processes and management and making recommendations based on their cost and impact.

2nd Place

Mahomet Acciilien, Danelle Cutting, Minthie Harrison

Corporate sponsor: John Deere
Project name: Thermoforming Cost Analysis
Project advisor: Walt DeGrange
Project overview: The John Deere Company has over 300 thermoformed heavy gauge plastic pieces for their Turf and Utilities Division. The thermoformed industry has recently seen a rise in utilization due to the increased production abilities and customization as well as the increased price differential compared to injection molding. John Deere tasked the team with discovering the “fair pricing” of heavy gauge thermoformed plastics for their turf equipment.

1st Place (tie)

Brian Keefer, Vani Peri, Monica Smith, Todd White

Corporate sponsor: Gilead Sciences
Project name: Life Cycle Analysis for Eco-behavior Initiatives
Project advisor: John Zapko
Project Manager: John Kennedy
Project overview: Gilead Sciences requested a process to reliably and consistently determine the environmental impact of green initiatives. The team created a life cycle analysis (LCA) methodology to quantify GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions based on International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and GHG protocol standards. The team applied the LCA to compare GHG emissions between single use and reusable break room cups. The LCA analysis enables Gilead to implement the change to reusable break room cups and, for future applications, ensure ecobehavior changes are based on fact-based decisions.

1st Place (tie)

Benita Powell, Tejaswini Sharma, Brian Mccluney

Corporate sponsor: Biogen
Project name: Integrated Risk Visualization
Project advisor: Betty Minton
Project Manager: Tracy Ahrens
Project overview: The Integrated Risk Visualization Project at the Biogen RTP Drug Substance Site was born out of a need to quickly and efficiently illustrate to site leadership operational-level risk affecting their supply chain. The firm’s initial risk visualization model was developed and manually managed in Microsoft PowerPoint. Through cross-functional collaboration with key stakeholders, a software option was identified that would advance Biogen’s initial risk visualization model into a finite, more efficiently managed and maintained process.

People’s Choice Award

Layne Comfort, Trinh Le, Meera Satyakumar

Corporate sponsor: American Red Cross
Project name: Risk Management and Corporate Insurance Program
Project advisor: Craig Weeks
Project Manager: Tracy Baccus
Project overview: The project team’s goal was to develop an external perspective on the measures of risk cost and the benchmarks of risk metrics for the American Red Cross (ARC). The team gathered, analyzed, and disseminated data that can assist the corporate risk management program at ARC by providing an external perspective and best practices.


Congratulations to all the winning teams!

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