Practicum Project Roles: Project Manager

For each practicum project, project managers will manage the day-to-day activities of the student practicum project, including:

  • Providing a brief orientation / introduction of the business case behind the project.
  • Leading functional student interactions; including facility access procedures, safety briefings (if needed), tour of the facility (if applicable), and communicating the proper dress code per your company or organization culture.
  • Confirming latest Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) are on file with the SCRC for completion by assigned students and faculty advisors. No confidential information should be shared with the students until a properly executed NDA has been completed.
  • Monitoring key deliverables and due dates the students must meet to satisfactorily complete the project. It is the student’s responsibility to share this information with the project manager.
  • Providing the data and information the students will need to begin their work in a timely manner, preferably at the beginning of the project. This information may consist of reports, data sets, access to subject matter experts within the organization, process documentation, etc. Ideally, this information should be available as early in the semester as possible – even prior to project launch, if possible.
  • Attending weekly scheduled team meetings with the students to review their progress and work plans and help keep the project on target.
  • Guiding day-to-day interaction with the team and support the team by providing constructive feedback, suggestions, information or resources, as required.
  • Providing leadership, coaching, and student advocacy throughout the semester so students are able to differentiate between classroom and “real world” expectations.
  • Reviewing and approving key documents throughout the course of the semester – i.e. Project Scope, Project Work Plan, Interim and Final Presentations, and other major work files produced by the team (models, simulations, research documentation, value stream / process maps, scorecards, worksheets, databases, etc.).
  • Approving (signing-off on) the content of student presentation and/or gallery walk poster for the SCRC meeting to protect confidential information.
  • Attending stakeholder presentations and serve as an advocate for the team.
  • Providing individual and team feedback to the NC State executive advisor* as requested for final grades.
  • Reviewing final deliverables and providing feedback to the NC State executive advisor and the SCRC.

*In addition to working with the students, the executive project sponsor and project manager will work with one of the SCRC’s executive advisors, who will act as a liaison between the sponsor company and the student team.