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  1. I have been having a lot of interesting discussions recently with both procurement and legal executives who are increasingly concerned with the state of their contract management processes.  This is occurring for several reasons.  The exposure of many companies to greater risk is heightening the focus on contracts. The need to write better statements of […]


  2. This week we announced the theme of our upcoming Supply Chain Resource Cooperative meeting.  The theme of the meeting, “Mapping the Road Ahead in Uncertain Times”, brings together a number of industry experts to share insights and develop some thoughts on how organizations can plan ahead to deal with the many surprising events that pop up […]

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  3. I had the opportunity to engage in a negotiation seminar with a large insurance company last week, and had the team work on a software contract role play.  In the scenario, there was both a buyer and supplier, and there were multiple facets to consider in the negotiation.  The problem in preparing for such a […]

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