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  1. Research by NC State Poole College Professor Robert Handfield, director of the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative based Poole College, and Yung-Yun Huang, a recent graduate of North Carolina State University’s interdisciplinary doctoral program in operations research, supplied two of the 37 data inputs used in the Wall Street Journal’s inaugural “Management Top 250” ranking of […]

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  2. Our prior post discussed the benefits and challenges of visibility in logistics.  But WAIT!  There’s more to it than just benefits. Carriers and shippers should also proceed carefully as they move into the era of visibility, and start asking the following questions: What are the legal implications of tracking and visibility, and how will it […]

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  3. This week the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative is holding an executive panel focused on the challenges of dealing with counterfeiting in the supply chain.  We will be hosting a number of major public and private sector participants including the Air Force, the Treasury, the pharmaceutical sector, consumer products sector, technology sector, and services sector.  All of these […]

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  4. This week’s blog is a guest blog from a PhD Student, MD Rejaul Hasan.  Rejaul is from Bangladesh, and is working on his PhD in the College of Textiles at NC State University, and is passionate on the subject of sustainable apparel from his home country.  This week he provided a great set of summaries from the […]


  5. A new post discussed the development of a sustainable procurement standard developed by the International Standards Organization.  ISO 20400, Sustainable procurement – Guidance, has just reached a second draft international standard stage, meaning interested parties can submit feedback via their ISO member on the draft before final publication in 2017. It’s about time that the concept […]

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  6. I am excited to announce an academic conference being hosted by Professor Eda Kemahlioglu Ziya and myself on sustainable supply chain management strategies in February.  This is a follow-on session to the first conference of this sort held at Georgia Tech last year.   The goal of the workshop is to host academics who are exploring […]

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  7. Bob Trebilock, editor of the Supply Chain Management Review, sent me an interesting email today that poses an interesting set of questions.  Bob writes: “A friend sent me an email today with a link to a column by Peter Morici, a well-known conservative economist and writer (you see him on Xerox commercials wearing a bow […]

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  8. One of the most interesting panels from the Boston Procurement Leaders conference was focused on Talent Management.  We heard from a number of speakers on the subject of how the need for talent is shifting dramatically in the years ahead. The first to comment on this was Ken Litton, CPO at Deutsche Bank, and a […]


  9. An article entitled “Spillapalooza:  How BP Got Screwed in the Gulf” by Paul Barrett provides some astounding statistics on the volume of litigation that continues to occur, and the widespread abuse of this event by the legal community to pull money out of “big bad oil companies”.  Barrett points out that following the litigious feeding […]

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