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  1. This week’s blog is a guest blog from a PhD Student, MD Rejaul Hasan.  Rejaul is from Bangladesh, and is working on his PhD in the College of Textiles at NC State University, and is passionate on the subject of sustainable apparel from his home country.  This week he provided a great set of summaries from the […]


  2. The online magazine 1IT Enterprise recently published a special issue on some of the emerging predictions about Big Data in their latest ediction.  Many of the enterprises working in this space are still thinking about how applications can access data in the cloud, how cross-cutting applications can move from data centers to cloud-based computing, as […]

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  3.   I had the opportunity to speak with a Nike executive about how the company has moved into the world of mass-customization.  Many people have heard about their partnership with Flex to build mass-customized shoes in Mexico, which is a big shift for the company from it’s largely Asia Pacific supplier network.  Although it is […]

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  4. A senior executive from a large global manufacturer came to speak in my MBA class this week, and discussed the major shifts in global business that was occurring due to the emergence of omni-channel capabilities in the supply chain.  His insights and presence were most appreciated by everyone, especially given the snowfall we were experiencing […]


  5. “Luxury is a necessity that begins when necessity ends.”   – Coco Chanel In this blog, I review the new book “Sustainable Luxury” by Gardetti and Torres. Most people who buy a luxury product, whether it is a Gucci purse, an Armani suit, a Dolce & Gabana dress, or a pair of Ferragamo loafers, rarely stop […]

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  6. More and more global luxury brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and others are promoting themselves as Lifestyle brands, spanning many products including fragrance, home collections, apparel, paint, wallpaper, foods, and many other products.  In this environment, the supply chain and logistics task becomes even more complex, as it involves delivering and fulfilling product and service […]

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