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  1. Our prior post discussed the benefits and challenges of visibility in logistics.  But WAIT!  There’s more to it than just benefits. Carriers and shippers should also proceed carefully as they move into the era of visibility, and start asking the following questions: What are the legal implications of tracking and visibility, and how will it […]

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  2. In today’s blogpost, Gavin Parnell from Go Supply Chain shares his opinions on how blockchain could impact counterfeiting across the supply chain, and introduces some applications that are being used and explored today. Blockchain is a relatively new technology that shows great promise for use across many industries, including logistics and supply chain. The same […]

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  3. I have been having a lot of interesting discussions recently with both procurement and legal executives who are increasingly concerned with the state of their contract management processes.  This is occurring for several reasons.  The exposure of many companies to greater risk is heightening the focus on contracts. The need to write better statements of […]