1. In the RFQ process, procurement should ideally be transparent about answering this question.  Too often, however, the sales team at suppliers providing the bid have to “guess” at what they think will be important.  The Request for Quote process, if done correctly, is a way for procurement to be able to quantify the elements of […]

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  2. One of the truths that is often overlooked in the splurge of press and hype around “Analytics” is the need for data integrity.  You can’t have analytics without data that is reliable, timely, validated, and accurate.  In a 2014 Deloitte survey of 239 chief procurement officers and directors from 25 countries, 67% of respondents stated […]


  3. I recently interviewed a large semiconductor company that developed a cross-enterprise initiative to drive analytical learning across its entire supply chain. The company established a supply chain IT organization that reports up to the CIO. It focuses on leveraging the corporate infrastructure and its SAP and SAP Hana implementation, in order to span all activities from […]

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  4. One of the most important elements suppliers seek to avoid involves participation in an RFP when there is a low probability of success.  Procurement people think that every supplier will go after every RFP they put out.  Think again . Request for proposals require a business development team to expend resources.  An RFP can be just […]