1. The concept of “Collaboration” has been getting a lot of grief lately. For instance, recent articles in the Harvard Business Review and the Economist emphasize that collaboration has reached the point of “godliness” in modern business, and that managers are overwhelmed with collaborative tools.  They complain that multi-tasking through collaboration is reducing the quality of […]

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  2. I spent the last two days meeting with members of the Global Supply Chain and Manufacturing team at Nike, in Beaverton, Oregon.  Nike has developed a partnership with NC State’s Supply Chain Resource Cooperative, and we are working together to explore new approaches to creating a sustainable supply chain. The visit comes on the heels […]


  3. The current environment we find ourselves in is indeed perilous. As the stock market continues to spin up and down in a volatile fashion, brokers and Wall Street types are looking at a dour projection. Growth is projected to be running at an anemic 2-3% or worse, China’s economy is dragging, and the only element […]

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  4. An article published in the Wall Street Journal identifies what I have been saying for years now….Supply chain talent is a hot commodity!  Many of the skills that we’ve identified in prior posts on this site have discussed the key skills and knowledge that recruiters are looking for in supply chain students.  And schools like NC […]

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  5. I recently participated in a workshop of oil and gas leaders in Calgary Alberta. With the announcement of $30/bbl oil, the long-term view of the oil and gas industry is that it is going to be a long time before oil goes back up to prior levels of $50/bbl plus, and may never reach the […]

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