1. A recent post by my colleage Kate Vitasek (author of the “Vest Outsourcing” model) in Forbes magazine argues that procurement is taking too aggressive a stance in negotiations with major logistics providers.  She uses the example of a company who decided to use a reverse auction to award business for a logistics contract worth hundreds of […]


  2. I have been working with Jay Golden at Duke University on the biobased forecasting project for the USDA, seeking to understand the current scope of the biobased product market ( focused on non-fuel, non-food products).  I had the opportunity to speak today with an educated economist who works  for the OmniTech International.  He has been working […]

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  3. Recent articles, posts, and future trends studies are all awash with excitement about the Internet of Things.  For instance, Mike Morley writes on the Material Handling and Logistics site that the Internet of Things will change everything: “Billions of connected devices associated with global supply chains will transform the amount of information that can track shipments […]

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