1. A lot of terminology is being thrown in pubic forums, using terms such as collaboration, partnering, relationship management, and other themes.  These terms are, in my opinion, being over-used, without really attaching too much meaning to them.  They all seem to refer to some form of “touchy-feely”, kumbaya-type of relationship between buyers and sellers, that […]

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  2. In the second half of my class on Tuesday, Rebecca Dunning, one of the lead researchers on the NC Growing Together grant, explained some of the channels and opportunities the team has already explored to date. As we noted in my prior blog, one of the biggest challenges for local food producers is the ability […]

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  3. We kicked off our first class on “Local Food Systems” today, with a strong cadre of students from the MBA program, from agroecology, agriculture, and other areas.  This is an exciting new class that I was tasked to assemble, as part of a grant from the US Department of Agriculture awarded to NC State University. […]

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