1. I’ve been leading a few calls for the International Institute of Analytics, as a faculty lead for the manufacturing group.  We are preparing for the Chief Analytics Officer meeting coming up in Chicago in June.  One of the issues that comes up is where the analytics function should reside – in IT or in the […]


  2. A CPO in the financial services industry also noted that a need to redefine procurement’s role in the enterprise is happening, driven by the recognition that a new type of procurement capability is needed: Prior to our transformation, the ONLY metric by which our performance was measured is how much money we saved for the […]

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  3. Recent discussions with consumer goods companies reveals that margin management is becoming an imperative that goes far beyond just taking out cost of goods sold, or using full truck loads on shipment. CPG companies are seeking to continuously drive profit margins on the products they sell in retail stores – and the world of retail […]

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  4. I recently visited with a large services company, and learned a few things talking to their supply chain recruiters that provided some great insights for students to think about. First, the managers I spoke with talked about things every student who is serious about finding a job should do before an interview: –       Be prepared […]

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  5. In a recent dialogue with Barbara Grey, the author of new research on social capital today, we discovered an interesting anomaly.   It seems that companies who seek to identify problems and issues in their supply chain, and who intend to do the right thing, are not always rewarded by the markets for doing so. […]


  6. I recently interviewed John Zapko at Lenovo, who talked to me about some of the issues Lenovo is facing globally around supply chain talent management.  John began our interview by commenting on the importance of this topic. Zapko:  Without question, attracting talent, bringing it on board, being able to hire this talent and especially retaining […]

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  7. For those of you who follow international sports, you know that the king of sports is soccer, and the Superbowl of soccer tournaments is the European’s Champion League.  And what teams are playing in this year’s title game?  Germany vs. Germany.  Two German clubs, one from Dortmund in the Ruhr Valley and the other from […]

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  8. In our ongoing discussion of labor and human rights violations in the supply chain, we’ve discussed in prior posts the problems that occurred in Bangladesh resulting in over 700 dead.  Companies like Nike and Disney have publicly stated that they are not going to Bangladesh for apparel sourcing in the future.  But that leaves these […]

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  9. News of the increasing death toll in Bangladesh continues to pour in, with the latest at 600 found dead in the rubble of the Rama factory complex.  Demonstrators are protesting apparel offices (such as Gap’s offices in San Francisco) to demand better working conditions in Bangladesh factories.  But how easy is it for companies to […]