1. As I’ve continued with my research on the future faces of procurement, a consistent theme that has come up again and again is the need for increased interaction between the legal and procurement groups in organizations.  Today, this interaction is often poorly handled, with clumsy templates being exchanged between the two groups, and in some […]


  2. “It’s the dialogue when teams review analytics that’s most insightful. Data without context is useless.” – Senior Manufacturing Supply Chain Executive This comment was made in a recent discussion by a group of senior manufacturing executives thinking about the need for improved information in their global supply chains.  Too often, they complained, reviews of standard […]


  3. Our next SCRC meeting will focus on “The Future of Procurement”, and will be held on April 29-30, at the NC State University Club in Raleigh, NC.  We will be hosting a number of senior executives reflecting on this theme, including Ron Reising from Duke Energy, Pat Murzyn from Caterpillar, Bill Knittle from BP, Jason […]

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  4. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal shows pictures of logistics couriers in China riding scooters, with stacks of deliveries teetering six feet up in the air, parked outside of office buildings in downtown Shanghai.  The reporter goes on to describe the increasing salaries for logistics workers, and goes on to document the high […]

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  5. We recently worked on a study examining the market for pipeline construction services.  Across North America, projects like Keystone are only the beginning of growth for pipelines in oil and gas.  The market for pipeline construction is growing, and there will continue to be competition for capable suppliers in the marketplace.  In areas such as […]

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  6. Students of supply chain and logistics know that when the topic of supply chain excellence and inventory management prowess comes up, the companies that comes to mind first are Walmart and Toyota. Toyota has already admitted to slowing sales and poor management of their supply chain, through shutdowns due to supplier failures, lack of attention […]

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