1. The recent press in the Wall Street Journal and other papers on Walmart’s fire in Bangladesh is raising the ire of corporate responsibility groups and human rights groups alike.   How can retailers like Walmart support buying clothing in factories that are treating workers with such disregard, not to mention exposing them to working conditions […]


  2. Jenny Sebley, former supplier sustainability manager at Burt’s Bees, spoke in my sustainable supply chain class today.  Sustainable supply chains was a key issue at Burt’s Bees, and continues to play an important role. There were several business drivers behind this.  The first focus was on reducing waste and leaning the supply chain.  The brand […]


  3. Josh Feldstein from the Center for Applied Value Analysis came to speak in my class today, and provided a fascinating view of the future for healthcare. CAVA started off as a spinoff of Josh’s medical education firm.  He could clearly see that the industry was changing, and healthcare clients managing large hospitals were asking for […]

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  4. Today’s Wall Street Journal printed a great story on the challenges that Walmart faces as it grows its logistics network in India.  The article notes how India is the second-largest producer of fruits and vegetables in the world, but that one-third of the produce rots because of its horrendous logistics infrastructure. The story highlights some […]


  5. Our logistics study suggests that Russia and Eastern Europe are the regions that 20% of respondents identified as a growth region. Both Russia and Eastern Europe represent high growth but also high risk countries to operate in, that are fed by growing energy resources, but which have a difficult government regulatory environment to operate in. […]


  6. A recent post in the UCLA blog features an interview with the former COO of Walmart-China, who makes some very interesting observations on the state of manufacturing in China. Edwin Keh notes that “Net export from the Pearl River Delta has declined over the last few years. The number of foreign-owned factories, the pool of […]


  7. Well we made it through 2012, and it actually turned out to be a reasonably good year, in terms of supply chain news and events.  There were a few disasters of course, but this now seems to be a commonplace theme for global supply chain planners  (the world’s logisics network are impacted at least once […]