1. Unless you happened to be reading the NY Times obituary columns this week, you wouldn’t have noticed that one of the great supply chain innovators of the 20th century, Gerard I. Nierenberg, passed away this week.  Nierenberg, a lawyer whose frustration with the adversarial nature of legal disputes led him to develop methods of negotiating […]


  2. I recently interviewed a senior logistics executive at one of the top three largest logistics service provider firms in Brazil.  This gentleman provided a very cogent and insightful set  of ideas about what is happening in the logistics environment in Brazil.  Brazil is one of the four largest growth market in the world, and with […]


  3. As organizations seek to become more sustainable, they are recognizing the limitations they face with current data systems that collect and consolidate technical information on your suppliers and their process inputs and outputs in the supply chain.  Such systems ideally need to be able to construct value stream maps, life cycle analysis, carbon footprints, and […]

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  4. Organizations in multiple sectors are continuing to pursue global growth strategies that focus on expansion into new regions.  In particular, the focal BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) represent major targets for expansion, but with them come a host of new problem which enterprises have little to now experience in dealing with in terms of […]

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  5. The SCRC research team has recently been conducting a series of studies, whereby we try to link improvements in share price performance, with higher scores on sustainable supply chain performance.  In a series of research studies conducted by MB students, we set about developing a set of Sustainable and Labor/Human Rights Scores, to identify companies […]