1. Thoughts for Labor Day

    August 31, 2012
    by: handfield
    categories: Global Supply Chain, Supply Chain Management

    As we go into Labor Day in the United States, people are thinking about those who work for a living – e.g. those who Labor.  But what does Labor actually mean?  Is it necessarily a reference to the Blue Collar worker, who toils on the assembly line, perhaps in a union environment, and who builds […]

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  2. Supply chains are difficult to study.  People do not want analysts knowing about their supply chains.  So creating market intelligence around supply chains is extremely challenging.  Yet analysts rely on supply chain information.  They study market reports, and they react to announcements.  Research by Hendricks and Singhal shows that stocks can drop by as much […]

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  3. ISM Risk Webinar today

    August 22, 2012
    by: handfield
    categories: Supply Chain Management

    I will be making a presentation to the ISM Risk group on Thursday. My presentation can be found at this site. In this presentation, I will be talking about some of the ways companies can think about risk mitigation when it is difficult to predict different types of risk.  The discussion should cover many of […]

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  4. My last post was on the influence model applied to product design for the supply chain, following an interview with an engineer.  A prior post a few months ago also referenced the importance of working with stakeholders in category management. Clearly, this is a topic that has generated a lot of interest, as the headline […]


  5. I recently spoke to an individual whose title was Director of Engineering Operations at a major technology company.  He shared with me details regarding his role, and the relationship to the supply chain organization. He first shared that this company has made  a big investment in having technical expertise in the supply chain.  As opposed […]


  6. Unilever’s Corporate Sustainability Report came out in the last month, and was received with great fanfare.  Some of the highlights identified in the first year of its Sustainable Living Plan released to  media and partners at events in the UK, Netherlands, India, US and Brazil include: 24% of agricultural raw materials are now being sourced sustainably, […]

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  7. Today’s global logistics environment is characterized by increasing complexity and a much greater number of parameters shaping the logistics environment. The speed of trends is breathtaking and increasingly complicated – and there is a need for the public sector to provide greater levels of support to facilitate economic growth. One of the immediate implications is […]

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