1. Our upcoming SCRC meeting  (April 30-May 1 in Raleigh, NC) is one that I am sure will peak a lot of interest in today’s supply chain professional.  The theme of this meeting focuses a topic that is at the top of almost every company I speak with today – supply chain talent management.  As organizations […]

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  2. An MBA student team in my supply market intelligence class  this week presented their supply market intelligence study on phosphate production.  One of the key points was the volatility of Morocco as the major supplier of phosphate.  Based on current reserves and production trends, Morocco will play a very important role in the world of […]


  3. I had an opportunity to meet with the executive team at Honeywell Aerospace in Phoenix this week, and learned a great deal about the interesting challenges that exist in the aerospace supply chain.  As can be expected, Honeywell has only a few major customers (Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, etc.) in commercial, and a slightly larger amount […]


  4. An article in the WSJ provides an interesting set of perspectives on what increasing or shrinking inventory numbers might mean in terms of an organization’s supply chain performance.  As I noted in an earlier blog, inventory is often an indicator used to measure how efficient supply chains are, as is considered a key component in […]

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  5. In this week’s Economist, an article by Schumpeter provides some interesting views on the emerging concept of “frugal innovation”.  He cites the example of the Tata Nano, a $2,000 car  developed in India, which makes a new car within reach of ordinary Indians and Chinese.  He also cites a new book, Jugaad Innovation” by Navi […]


  6. I recently spoke with Todd Taylor from Apptivo, who is writing a book on IT technology management.  Apptivo provides IT business technology management, and is focused on transparency of IT application usage.  Todd is also affiliated with the CIO Technology Council, and is writing  book on current trends in IT.  He notes that CIO’s are […]


  7. In a recent set of interviews, I had an opportunity to learn about some of the recent developments in the aerospace industry, that is happening in both commercial and defense sectors.  As organizations seek to drive inventory out of the supply chain and improve working capital, while simultaneously reducing leadtimes and customer responsiveness, they are […]

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