1. The inauspicious UNSPSC (United Nations) code began as a historical marriage between the UN code set and a code set with a commercial concern (Dunn & Bradstreet).  The focus initially was to begin to drive some standardization in the way that products were coded, and overcome the challenges with the many different proprietary coding systems […]

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  2. An article written today by Ben Cook quotes a recent email by Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO: “Every year we inspect more factories, raising the bar for our partners and going deeper into the supply chain,” Cook wrote. “We are attacking problems aggressively with the help of the world’s foremost authorities on safety, the environment, and […]

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  3. 2011 marks the seventh year of AMR’s  annual Supply Chain Top 25 report. The goal of AMR’s research has always been to raise awareness of the supply chain discipline and how it impacts business. The most recent list shows Apple, Dell and P&G in the lead. But how exactly are these lists developed?  Who says these […]

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  4. Today’s article in the New York Times on Apple’s outsourcing of its global supply chain to Asia provides yet more insights into what has been a very secretive supply chain organization, up until the last week.  The NYT interviewed several former Apple employees and subcontractors, and obtained insights into the decision Apple made to outsource […]


  5. Many people are quick to point to the AMR Top 25 supply chains as the benchmark for supply chain excellence. In my mind, the real test of how “world-class” a supply chain is, is how they react under duress and severe supply chain disruptions. There is no doubt that as we go into 2012, there […]

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  6. For several years, we have been extolling the importance of Labor and Human Rights violations as a critical component of sustainable supply chains. In a previous post, we also identified a number of companies identified as the “best” in our list. Apple was one of the companies on our list! We also discovered that the […]

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  7. Within the context of the current financial crisis, the importance of sustaining critical supply chain relationships has received more attention than ever. Despite the return to a “buyer’s market” in some sectors, the need to build and sustain supplier relationships is not obviated. Indeed, in an environment of heightened supply chain financial risks, supplier performance […]


  8. I recently did a webinar on the topic of “Supplier Management: The Need of the Hour”, for a number of supply chain executives through the Zycus spend management series they have been sponsoring. The webinar discussed some of the challenges that exist for small and medium sized companies who are seeking to develop relationships with […]


  9. In this on-going blog theme on China, we explore some of the challenges experienced by companies seeking talented individuals for supply chain roles as they expand in Asia. Much of my thinking here is based on a joint paper I am working on with Yanghong Shi, a visiting scholar from the Shanxi University of Finance […]


  10. Though the advancement of higher education in China has produced more graduate students for entering level positions in foreign logistics companies, locating qualified candidates is a real challenge. Several of the recruiting personnel we interviewed from Western companies who expressed their frustration at finding the “right talent” for their supply chain roles. In general, the […]