1. Our previous post noted challenges that exist in high turnover of individuals in Chinese supply chain and logistics positions. Recent discussions have suggested that this problem is compounded by other serious infrastructural elements being set up by the Communist government itself! For example, in China mobility to human capital is posing a serious problem. Some […]

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  2. Attending the IDN Summit in Phoenix today, one wouldn’t know by the relaxed atmosphere at the beautiful Arizona Biltmore that there is significant tension in the air….until you sit down and talk to a few of the supply chain executives attending. There are several big themes that are dominating the conversation, and number one on […]

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  3. Can ERP’s create supply chain intelligence?

    September 9, 2011
    by: handfield
    categories: Supply Chain Management

    In recent discussions with industry analyst Pierre Mitchell from the Hackett Group, we spent some time talking about whether ERP systems (such as SAP and Oracle) provide any level of capability around supply chain intelligence. Pierre noted that the “Supply network design network” is the most holistic design model, and is used primarily for high […]


  4. The Wartime Contracting Report came out today and announced $30B in waste in Iraq, and focused on the fact that there was a lot of graft and corruption taking place. Is this a surprise? A chat with Tim Cummins at IACCM leads me to think not….In military contracting environments, there is often a lot of […]

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