1. Nick Hamon, Vice President of Corporate Sustainability at Bayer Crop Science, spoke this morning at the April SCRC meeting on the subject of bringing sustainability into the innovation cycle. He emphasized how Bayer’s goal is to move sustainability from debate to constructive conversation. From the abstract to the concrete, and converting it from a project […]

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  2. This quote came from Lou Ferretti, Environmental Compliance and Supply Chain Social Responsibility Executive from IBM at the recent SCRC meeting on April 28. He emphasized that it is not possible to have sustainability from the bottom up. It has to start at the top, in this case from Sam Palmisano. It is a big […]


  3. After the first shock of hearing about the loss of life in Japan, managers in companies such as Microsoft, Ford, Nintendo, and Komatsu around the world then begin to feel the global impact caused by this major event on their supply chains. Those impacts may last for many years to come.

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  4. I was recently asked about some of the issues facing private label suppliers in the grocery industry. I pulled together some thoughts based on a study we did with a major grocery store chain two years ago, which I’m happy to share with you here. A fundamental shift in the supplier-facing organization structure is an […]


  5. The world’s supply chains are feeling the ripple effects of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. This is hitting a number of heavy construction equipment providers where it hurts. One of the largest manufacturers of large engines, Mitsubishi, had a plant that was in the tsunami zone. This has impacted companies like Caterpillar, who is experiencing […]

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  6. Manufacturers in the life sciences are struggling with a number of market challenges that are having a major impact on profitability and growth. Packaging is often maligned in this environment, but in reality, many problems that exist involve packaging in a direct or indirect manner. • Increased costs being driven in break-bulk, re-packaging, cross-dock material […]

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