1. Last week the SEC raided many offices of small to medium hedge funds.  Research companies pay experts who provide information to their clients – typically information that is used to trade.  This is now being looked at as insider information.  The web set off by the Galleon investigation has launched a massive investigation,  one which […]

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  2. In our recent study of Business Process Outsourcing Trends, we identified a number of other interesting trends.  First, roughly 50% of companies surveyed have continued to maintain their current back office functions locally insourced, and have focused on improving these processes through continuous improvement.  A second group (roughly 25-40%) have developed consolidated and technology-enabled service […]


  3. Students in my MBA610 Class, Sustainable Supply Chain Management, recently completed an evaluation of a set of 105 Fortune 500 companies.  The students assessed the companies using a maturity model framework based on on-going research in the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative. The course was driven by the fact that global supply chains are now seen […]