1. The administration in Washington is beginning to push around a bill that will punish companies who offshore US jobs overseas.  While the rationale is certainly appealing to the common man, the fact is that offshoring has been going on for some time now.  Business Process Outsourcing, (BPO) is a strategy that entails moving jobs from […]


  2. The announcement that BP finally capped the oil today brings about a number of questions related to on-going exploration in the gulf, the future of oil in the US, and implications for contract management and supplier relationships.  One factor that is increasing the risk exposure of a supply chain disruption is the increasing propensity of […]

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  3. I recently entered into an interesting debate with a software provider who was developing software for the healthcare industry.  (See the previous post and white paper on spend management in healthcare for a complete report).  This individual made the following statement: We don’t feel data cleansing is as valuable an exercise as data normalization, which […]