1. The in-depth analysis in the two stories in this week’s Wall Street Journal provided clear insight into the minuscule details of the disaster that unfolded, the lives that were lost, and the reality of what the communities in southern Louisiana, Florida, and the mid-Atlantic states will be facing.  In a recent study, I worked on […]

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  2. BP’s [Oily] Black Swan Event

    May 26, 2010
    by: handfield
    categories: Supply Chain Management

    Let’s think back on how things went the last time government emergency management was involved…

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  3. I had lunch today in Houston, and sat with a BP procurement manager.  We spent some time discussing the BP Oil spill, which is making headlines all over the world. What much of the press does not cover is the “behind the scenes” view of what BP is all about, and the complexity of deep […]


  4. At a recent presentation in Los Angeles sponsored by Zycus Spend Management systems, Carol Danoff, VP of Global Procurement shared a personal story about her introduction to the world of indirect procurement.  “While I was working at Motorola in direct procurement, I received a phone call on May 28th, 1998, from the Corporate director of […]

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  5. Jason Busch’s Predictions for 2010

    May 7, 2010
    by: handfield
    categories: Forecasting

    Jason Busch is a leading expert in supply chain who is truly “plugged in” to what is going to happen in procurement in 2010.

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  6. The latest SCRC meeting proved to be a resounding success.  We enjoyed great presentations from MBA students, as well as a new poster session forum for our undergraduate students who presented a number of great projects.   The theme of the meeting, “Reducing the Impact of Black Swan Events”, was a timely and relevant one covered […]