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Tackling real-world supply chain management challenges by applying research, experience and knowledge.

About the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative (SCRC)

The Supply Chain Resource Cooperative (SCRC) is a unique, industry-university partnership dedicated to advancing the supply chain industry and the professionalism of its practitioners. Based in the Poole College of Management at NC State University in North Carolina’s dynamic Research Triangle area, the SCRC provides support, services and programs to benefit three overlapping constituent groups: supply chain management students, Poole College of Management SCM faculty, and corporate partners from diverse businesses and industries.

The SCRC also serves as a thought leader in the increasingly complex and competitive supply chain industry, documenting and disseminating new supply chain management knowledge to help companies, practitioners and students. Following are some of the key benefits of the SCRC:

Bringing Value to Students

Like all professions, the supply chain discipline faces an aging workforce whose vast institutional knowledge isn’t readily transferable. So it’s essential that a new generation of smart and experienced supply chain managers is waiting in the wings, ready to become tomorrow’s leaders. The SCRC helps ensure the continuity of the profession by providing real-world experiences with SCRC partner companies for both undergraduate and MBA students in Poole College’s supply chain management concentration. This experiential component—unique among top-tier supply chain programs—gives students valuable problem-solving opportunities while expanding their professional network, preparation that helps them hit the ground running when they start their careers.

Enhancing the Value of Faculty Expertise

Business school professors keep their edge by connecting with practitioners in their field. By facilitating SCRC-sponsored projects that pair students with companies, and through their own research, Poole College SCM faculty members stay current while contributing forward-thinking perspectives to the field of supply chain management. This creates a win-win scenario for both the college’s students and the companies that will soon employ them.

Providing Value to Business and Industry

Companies that partner with the SCRC value how Poole College’s supply chain management students enable them to extend their resources while strengthening the pipeline of talented future recruits. They also value the peer networking and knowledge exchange that takes place at SCRC’s content-rich, twice-yearly meetings and through the partners-only part of its Web site.

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